Shower Glass Enclosures

Bathroom renovations often require custom shower glass enclosure - slider or hinged. Off the shelf – Custom Frameless – Custom Framed – Custom Doorless.

Manufactured Shower Glass Systems

  • Usually sliders but some hinged models available
  • F showers and tub kits
  • 5mm to 8mm thick glass
  • 48in to 60in wide showers/tubs
  • Available at Home Depot and Lowes and good product warranties
  • Approx $1200 installed

Custom Frameless Shower Glass

  • Frameless requires door hinges mounted on stud wall – header frame required otherwise
  • Pro: Best quality option for custom showers
  • Con: Most expensive
  • 10mm tempered glass
  • Any shape available – straight – corner - angled
  • Variety of towel and handle accessories
  • Most popular for complete Bathroom renovations
  • Cost $1500 to $2,500 and up for straight and $2,500 and up for 2 side glass

Custom Framed Shower Glass

  • Pro: Economical and practical and good quality for the money
  • Con: Thinner 5mm to 8mm glass and will flex
  • Standard height 69in – add 50% for over 69in
  • Cost: $750 to $1,000 installed

Doorless Shower Glass

  • One frameless 10mm fixed glass piece to 78in high or to ceiling
  • Pro: Least expensive – simple design – low maintenance
  • Con: Shower area does not warm up like enclosed shower enclosure – this option is good for well heated bathrooms or warm climates
  • Cost: <$1,000

Ordering and Installing

  • Custom glass is measured by the contractor and manufactured by certified glass suppliers
  • Measuring is done using laser equipment and other specialized equipment
  • Timeline – glass is measured when shower tile work is complete
  • Approximately 2 weeks to manufacture and install shower glass
  • Accessories such as handles – towel bars – robe hooks – are selected at time of ordering glass by supplier in various finishes matching fixtures available
  • Shower glass is always tempered and manufactured at plants across Canada and require shipping – everything is handled by the contractor as part of the bathroom renovation project

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