Bathroom Renovation Services for Calgary and Area


Modernise your bathroom with contemporary styles, colours, and materials. We’ll work with you to help you design your new bathroom. There are hundreds of choices to make your bathroom uniquely yours and we are here to help.


  • Ensuites – Main Baths – Powder Rooms – New Basement Baths
  • Complete Bathroom Renovations
  • Partial Bathroom Renovations
  • Basement Bathrooms all new (with or without existing Rough-in Plumbing)
  • Handi-Bar Installations and Design Aids for Senior Requirements
  • Barrier-Free Bathroom Renovation Designs and Remodelling for Alberta R.A.M.P. Applications

We Also Do Basements:

  • Full and partial basement renovations
  • Legal/In-Law Suites

Whether you need to remodel a small or large bathroom or basement, contact us for a free estimate.

A bathroom is not just a bathroom. It’s an intimate personal space we escape to. The average person spends up to an hour or more each day. It’s where we start our day and say goodbye to a long day. It’s the place we can lock the door and think quietly about the day to come and the day that’s past. The atmosphere in our bathroom is ours alone to enjoy by ourselves. It’s our own space. It’s intimate and sets the tone for how we feel.

The colours and patterns and quality of the fixtures affects how we feel about ourselves and the world outside. At Bath and Home we understand that and work with you to create your personal vision and feeling of what your bathroom should represent to yourself. Your bathroom can be simple or elaborate. It’s entirely up to you and we’ll make sure it reflects how you want your bathroom to look and feel.

The first step to bathroom remodelling is imagining how it could become reality. We help you with that by showing you some of the work we have completed. We’ll point you to other sources of inspiration. Once we have our initial meeting we will provide you with our estimate of the final cost. If we have a meeting of the minds and you are comfortable to proceed we will provide you with a list of things you will need to choose such as tile colours and style. The vanity, faucets, tub or shower, and shower faucet. Our list will guide you to select the numerous products and we will pick these up and deliver to your home to start work.

We’ll develop a schedule and make arrangements such as access, where we will store our product and where the tiler will do his cutting. All these things will be discussed so we all know exactly what will happen.

Once we start we don’t stop. You’ll see us working away every day till we’re finished. Typical bathrooms take 2 to 4 weeks depending on how elaborate your design will be.

We do running changes so we can add features that you might have just thought about now. We’ll make the appropriate changes in writing so there’s never any misunderstanding about any aspect of the work to be done.

We’ll keep you up to date on progress and we’re always available to discuss the work at all stages.

Bathrooms have lots of steps during the construction from demolition to roughing plumbing, electrical, structural framing, tilework, installing cabinets and tops, finishing the plumbing and final touch-ups such as painting and attaching towel bars.

When we’re finished,  you’ll be able to enjoy your bathroom like never before.

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