Basement Development: Your Complete Step-by-Step Guide

We’re getting more and more requests for basement development and legal suites.   Reasons vary but most commonly are to get more usable space for a growing family, teenagers, in-laws, renters, man cave, hobby room, hair salon, home offices, etc. A developed basement is a perfect place to fill all kinds of different needs and…
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Bathroom as Spa

Bathroom as Spa Bathrooms and spas were enjoyed as far back as the Roman Empire two thousand years ago who made sure steady clean water was brought down from the mountains to feed the homes and public bathing spas we now see unearthed today in archeological excavations throughout Italy and countries around the Empire. Viaducts…
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Bathroom Leaks, Water Damage & Mold

Bless precious water, but this wonderful resource is the curse of most homeowner problems.   Splash Leaks Most common is water pooling on the floor and can cause serious damage to flooring from curled linoleum or loose tiling to subfloor rotting. Caused by using ineffective shower curtain, or old and worn caulking where the shower…
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Redesigning your Bathroom: Expert Advice for a Modern and Functional Design

We get many customers calling us wishing to redesign their old ensuite bathrooms for better functionality and make it contemporary. New home builders often design bathrooms to dazzle buyers with flashy styles that aren’t practical and don’t age well.   Commonly that includes big box tubs that take up four feet of space from the…
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Bath and Home