Bathroom Renovation Costs

A look at four different cost range:

2 Piece Powder Room

$4,900 and up Sign Up

2 Piece Powder Room

Budget Special 3pc 5x8ft Bathroom

$6,985 + tx Sign Up

3pc 5x8ft Bathroom

Standard 3 Piece

$8,900 and up Sign Up

Complete replacement of Tub, Toilet, Sink, Vanity, Tilework & Accessories

Master Ensuite

$12,900 and up Sign Up

4 Piece and Larger Sizes


$4,500 and up Sign Up

Remove & Replace

Custom Handicap Conversions

$13,900 and up Sign Up

Custom Handicap Conversions

*Additional costs may apply


Bathroom renovations: 2 to 4 weeks
These are averages and times will vary depending on scope, product and trade availability.


Renovations on a budget? Contact us for more information.

No one will ever deny that budgets and value for your money are important and critical parts of every buying decision. The prices shown above are pretty representative of bathroom projects and these can vary depending on the final scope of the job and budgetary goals.

Since bathrooms are so personal we can never predict exact prices because of designs and product choices but we can predict average budgets for different types of bathrooms and those prices are averages that we see all the time.

Costs vary depending on the size of the bathroom, whether 3 piece or 4 piece and how much customization will take place. But for under $10,000 you can definitely have a brand new beautiful bathroom you will be proud of.

There are hundreds of options for things like vanities and faucets and tile that you can mix and match to make your bathroom completely your own design. Out of all the bathrooms we’ve renovated each one is unique and not one is the same as any other. And modern materials and fixtures are actually better than ever and designed not to just look good but to give years of service while looking great. There’s nothing nicer than the feel and permanence of quality fixtures and finishes.

We do bathrooms for all budgets and treat each one the same attention to detail as you would expect.

So regardless of your budget give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE AND CONSULTATION at 403-560-0810. We look forward to hearing from you.

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