Heritage Homes

Heritage Homes


If you own or plan to buy a home with traditional or classic style and features or an officially designated heritage home, you may be interested in renovating and upgrading it. This may include simple maintenance, aesthetics, structural issues, or upgrading to meet current building code and environmental factors such as energy conservation, to mention just a few.

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At Calgary Bath & Home Renovations we are proud to offer our services in heritage home restoration. We have the experience, know-how and qualifications. We are a construction and renovation company since 1989 based in Calgary. We employ skilled trades and craftsman for each specific type of work. Please read on and see if you’d be interested to use our services. In this article we’ll talk about typical renovations and upgrades and costs. For this article we’ll refer to traditional, classic and contemporary styles as heritage homes.

Calgary is blessed with many traditionally styled and architecturally significant homes many of which have been designated Heritage Homes dating from pre-1905 to the present (Heritage designation is not just about age but important historic and contemporary structures in any period).

Traditional and classic and heritage homes represent different eras and styles of the times. Preserving heritage homes is about upgrading your home for safety and comfort while preserving your home’s historic character.

Most heritage homes are lovingly lived in and cared for by conscientious and home-owners proud of the history their home represents.

Renovating heritage homes requires skills and knowledge in historic styles and materials and integrating these into modern standards of construction while retaining and preserving essential elements linked to the original design.

Preserving Market Value

A primary reason to keep your heritage home upgraded is to maintain market value. Heritage homes are always in demand and well-maintained and upgraded heritage homes will return your investment dollar.

Here are a few typical upgrades and renovations heritage homes may require:

Types of Upgrades:
Routine Maintenance
  • Original cedar shake, clay, slate or asphalt shingles require regular maintenance and/or replacement to preserve your homes appearance and prevent underlying damage
  • Compromised roof structures from leaks or other problems can be repaired
Exterior walls
  • Brick, stone, wood can be repaired or replaced and will prevent leaks and further degradation
  • Most heritage homes have concrete foundations and may show signs of deterioration, cracking or settling – these are repairable and will preserve the structure above
Windows & Doors
  • Original windows may be single or double pane but will not be low e and may have issues such as deterioration in the walls that should be addressed
  • New classic style windows can replicate traditional designs and provide comfort and energy efficiency and wall repairs would be done as needed
Interior Walls
  • Plaster walls was common and is often of great quality – this requires skill to work with when repairs are needed
Interior Wood and Finishes
  • Original wood finishes and hardwood flooring can be preserved and repaired and refinished
  • Crown moulding and other interior trim work can be repaired by our skilled craftsmen
Electrical & Plumbing
  • Heritage homes may retain some or all original copper, lead or cast iron plumbing and can be upgraded to modern standards and materials – old leaks can be stopped and repairs made
  • Modern electrical service and wiring are standard upgrades to meet today’s safety and electrical needs including internet wiring
Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Kitchens and bathrooms may be upgraded to modern standards using classic styles and designs
Renovating with Quality in Mind

Many heritage homes have been renovated to some degree often with poor results by inexperienced and unqualified and careless contractors. The good news is it can be reversed and fixed.


For renovation work plan to spend upwards of $50,000 to $150,000 that would include some foundation work, heating system upgrade, basement development, exterior painting, interior floor refinishing, electrical and plumbing upgrades.

Some work can be broken down into phases to spread costs over a few years.

Our Audit Inspection and report ($750.00):

This will provide you with a physical audit of your home or a home you’re planning to buy with general details and estimated costs. Similar to a home inspection but geared to heritage homes and more general costs. We will deduct this from your renovation contract should you proceed with us

Directory of Calgary Heritage Homes


Calgary Heritage Initiative (CHI)


From the CHI webpage:

“Heritage Homes If you are interested in the history of your home, check out our Researching A Property page for tips and resources, as well as our Designation 101 page for details of that process.


Interested in getting involved? Become a Member of CHI, and if you are interested in Volunteering, tell us what you would like to do. Got a question not covered on the site or in the Archives? Email us at contact@calgaryheritage.org, we'd love to hear from you.”


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