"I consider it my good fortune to have been connected with Bath and Home Renovations Calgary AB. The washrooms in my Calgary home in particular coupled with damages to the basement storage room required extensive renovations and upgrading as a result of water damage. Al Majauskas was very timely in responding to this request and arranged to meet with me very shortly thereafter to conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment and provide a detailed outline of products, services and costs.  Al was also very instrumental in arranging for me to meet with various store personnel who would also provide their expertise on product selection which I found extremely helpful.


Throughout the renovations I found Calgary Bath & Home Renovations, both Al and Chris Majauskas to be extremely professional, personable, respectful, responsive and courteous – they kept me well informed of any new developments every step of the way, including time lines for completion.  On occasion they respectfully adjusted their work schedule to accommodate my needs which I greatly appreciated.  They employed a highly skilled and professional trades crew who similarly demonstrated a consistently strong work ethic in providing quality products and services.


The outcome of their efforts ( four beautiful washrooms and reparations to the basement storage room) is truly outstanding and clearly reflects their high degree of professionalism, expertise, experience, integrity and pride in their work. This company sets the bar high and does not settle for less.


I would not hesitate ( matter of fact I am now seriously thinking of renovating my kitchen!) to have Bath and Home (or perhaps insist is a better word…) take on this next challenging project.  In all honesty I can truly  say that their work has made the difference for me in deciding to stay in my home rather than move.


I have every confidence in highly recommending Calgary Bath & Home Renovations to others- it’s been a pleasure to work with them.  You asked for a number rating out of 10?   I would give this company 10/10 because it simply doesn’t get much better than this….


Sincerely and with great appreciation,

Linda, Large project completed Feb 2016

Bath and Home