In-Floor Heating Systems

In-Floor Heating is a popular way to enhance the comfort of any tiled bathroom or living area.


What is In-Floor Heating?

Any system employing water or electricity to heat the floor from under the floor. Electrical systems are most common so we’ll focus on this type.



How Does it Work?

Specially-designed electric coils embedded under tiled floors heat up from current conducting heat directly into the tile. The heat rises up evenly into the room and is controlled by a thermostat.


How does In-Floor compare to the warm air registers?

In-Floor heat warms you from the moment you set foot on it. Since the air fills the room evenly it feels comfortable throughout.


Conventional forced air registers cause drafts that can be uncomfortable on damp skin in bathrooms. Temperature rises and falls with the furnace unevenly because all the air comes from just one point where the register sits.




It supplements your regular heating system. Because it’s programmable you can set it so it’s only on when you need it and off when you don’t.


How Long to warm up?

About 15 minutes or less. Basements will take a bit longer.



Permanent and maintenance-free. Correctly installed it’s trouble-free.


Is it safe?

In-floor systems are CSA Certified and protected by circuit breakers and as safe as any electrical device in your home.


How do I install it?

These are professional installations during tile work. It cannot be retro-fit and is normally done as part of a renovation project.



Where can In-Floor Heating go in my home?

Anywhere you have tile. Most commonly bathrooms. Basement bathrooms are great areas for in-floor heating and solve cold floors forever.


Will it add value to my home?

In-floor heating is a luxury selling feature most buyers find attractive which sets your home apart from others and thus adds value.



Small 5x8ft bathrooms budget $1,000. Since costs are proportional costs rise by area and can cost $2,000 and more depending on size.



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