Bathroom flooring

What is Rectified Tile?

Rectified tile is fired tile – ceramic or porcelain - that has been mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. Like slicing bread after it’s baked – not before. It applies only to the tile edges which are precisely cut at a square 90 degree angle. Rectification is not considered better - just allowing…
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In-Floor Heating Systems

In-Floor Heating is a popular way to enhance the comfort of any tiled bathroom or living area.   What is In-Floor Heating? Any system employing water or electricity to heat the floor from under the floor. Electrical systems are most common so we’ll focus on this type.     How Does it Work? Specially-designed electric…
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Choosing your Bathroom Flooring Options

Bathroom flooring needs to be Durable – Attractive – Easy-to-clean. Will your bare feet love it? Here are the Seven Choices from Worst to Best.     #7-Carpet Summary:  Never a good idea. Bad choice for bathroom flooring. Moisture and carpeting do not mix. Some builders still think this is a good idea so you’ll…
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