Bathroom Design Trends

2018 vs 1988

Calgary is experiencing a bathroom Renaissance.

Styles today are quite different from 30 years ago. Back then linoleum flooring; Corian moulded tops; Gigantic (rarely-used) tubs in huge box enclosures; And tiny mini-showers. The style of the day. Thankfully, that’s changed.

Today: Natural granite or quartz tops are almost universal; Tiled floors and showers; Vanities designed with thought to style and function - drawers and storage galore in contemporary styles and colours; Quality Designer faucets; And all-glass and tile custom showers.

For most homeowners, bathrooms and kitchens define the home and many home owners are budgeting to take their 1980s homes into the 2018 era with flair. Calgary homes are becoming personal spaces that exude quality and good taste throughout. Calgary styles reflect the best you’ll find in Europe and the United States.

A new bathroom redesign and renovation also solves many common problems that bug homeowners. Poorly designed layouts; Tiny showers - unused overly large tubs; Out-dated materials; Normal wear and tear and often water-related damage; And finally - aesthetics – bring a 1985 design into 2018. Make it personal.

Modern materials have come down in price. Granite and quartz are down 50% from just five years ago. Tiling – competitive affordable quality suppliers - with beautiful showrooms - to inspire your inner artist.

Budgeting: Three piece main bathrooms start at a low $8900 and four piece Ensuites $15000 and up. Bathrooms are a once in a lifetime investment that pays off in home value dollar for dollar. Not including the priceless personal enjoyment of a modern bathroom you will love and enjoy for many years down the road.

When designing your dream bathroom, think quality. The difference is often smaller than you might expect and the results can be stunning.

We will help you with our 30 plus years experience. For time-pressed homeowners we have experienced professional designers to help you design and choose your style all the way through to selecting product and suppliers. Either way you’ll love your new bathroom.

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