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Bathroom Leaks, Water Damage & Mold

Bless precious water, but this wonderful resource is the curse of most homeowner problems.   Splash Leaks Most common is water pooling on the floor and can cause serious damage to flooring from curled linoleum or loose tiling to subfloor rotting. Caused by using ineffective shower curtain, or old and worn caulking where the shower…
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Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Handyman vs Contractors

Handyman as the name suggests someone who can do lots of different kinds of small jobs for homeowners at a small cost. The question is when is it a handyman job and when is it something bigger. A good way to look at it is if the job takes a few hours for a few…
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Help! My Contractor Disappeared With My Deposit

“FLY BY NIGHT” OPERATORS Recently we received a call from a distraught homeowner in tears because her “contractor” disappeared with her $2,000 deposit with a 10% finished bathroom in progress. The tub was removed - all she had was a toilet and vanity. She was desperate. With just one bathroom and three family members, losing…
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Bathroom Design Trends

2018 vs 1988 Calgary is experiencing a bathroom Renaissance. Styles today are quite different from 30 years ago. Back then linoleum flooring; Corian moulded tops; Gigantic (rarely-used) tubs in huge box enclosures; And tiny mini-showers. The style of the day. Thankfully, that’s changed. Today: Natural granite or quartz tops are almost universal; Tiled floors and…
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