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Handicap accessible renovating and remodelings becoming more important in Calgary and we thought it’s worth sharing some information on the subject.

It’s all about independent living. We get lots of calls from homeowners asking about making changes to the bathroom to make it more accessible and safer. This is easier and more economic than many people realize. People want to stay in their homes and the bathroom becomes a key part of that decision.

Mobility issues can affect our ability to use the bathroom conveniently and safely. People with knee and hip issues, elderly, and wheelchair or walker dependent can find typical bathrooms difficult to use properly. Household bathrooms were not designed with accessibility in mind.


For most people the tub to shower conversion is biggest and most important modification they want. Costs range about $4,000 to $6,000 finished. A full bathroom can cost about $8500 and up.

Walk-in showers are safer by design because the shower floor is flat and textured and about 12 inches wider than a tub on the walking surface. Tubs have rounded bottoms and are designed to sit in not stand. Statistically tubs are a major cause of injuries in the home for all ages. I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t slipped and lost their balance having a shower in a tub and it doesn’t get better as we age.

Handicap Bathroom in Calgary

Grab bars are important with a minimum of two or three recommended by Alberta Health. Well- placed grab bars in a walk-in shower can give homeowners confidence and a new feeling of independent living in their own homes.

It takes about a week to complete a tub to shower conversion professionally and finished and ready to use.


For homeowners whose mobility is more restricted and limited to a wheelchair or a walker the standard walk-in showers described above may be too small for full wheelchair or walker access.

Fortunately, there is just a system available, which is also approved by Alberta Health and the excellent R.A.M.P. grant program. The shower system includes a built-for-purpose walk-in shower and meets all requirements under the program and highly recommended. The program also covers things like wheelchair ramps, enlarging doors, etc.

Accessible Bathrooms in Calgary

For more information please can visit R.A.M.P. at the following website.


There are lots of ways to make your bathroom more accessible and safe and beautiful. We do tub to shower conversions and full renovations all across Calgary.

For a FREE ESTIMATE please give us a call at 403-560-8015.

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