Kitchen Renovations: 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the centre of home life and where we spend much of our lives with our families and friends. Kitchens also have a life span. Style, wear and tear and design are the three most common reasons homeowners renovate kitchens.



Kitchen styles change each generation. Oak, popular 25 years ago, is being supplanted by newer styles. Today it’s painted shaker style. Tomorrow, who knows?



Like everything else, normal wear and tear takes place in kitchens. Paint and finishes get worn and knobs, hinges and drawer sliders and even cabinets can become inoperable and unrepairable.



Modern kitchens have different challenges from 20 years ago. Appliances can be bigger and more of them such as wine and beer coolers, islands with gas stoves and large exhaust hoods. New designs address workflow issues.


Granite or quartz, ceiling height cabinets, and islands are the new standard. Serious home chefs want serious kitchens.


Cabinets are priced A, B, C levels. Options include cabinet facing style, colour and material and usually wood. Drawers can be melamine or wood. Soft closing doors and drawers are standard. Other important options are stainless steel inserts such as slide-outs for spices, pots, and lazy-susans to maximize space and easier access and inserts exist for every conceivable purpose you can imagine.



Expect $25,000 and up. For best of everything and price is no object - $50,000 and up. Every new kitchen may likely also require new flooring, backsplash, appliances, plumbing and electrical and more. Our kitchen designs use CADD programs and every kitchen is a custom design. Kitchen renovations can take up to a month or more for more elaborate designs and always requires special arrangements around this.


Renovations add value and enjoyment. See our other articles all about renovations for your home.

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