Making-over Your Ensuite Bathroom

Making-over Your Ensuite Bathroom


Ensuite baths range from small two-piece to large four-piece designs. Styles change and bathrooms wear out. We get a lot of feedback so here are some common reasons people make-over their ensuite.


Dated Designs:

Modern designs have evolved. Functionality is now combined with class and style. Both co-exist. Old designs and modern living clash.


Wear and Tear:

Twenty plus years of wear and tear can show. Leaky faucets, worn-out flooring, tiling and tops. Many older materials such as linoleum and arborite are not even used any more.



Original designs can waste space and cause clutter. Poor layouts are space-wasters and not relaxing to be in.


Home Value:

New owners want to personalize their ensuite. “Empty-nesters” often choose to stay in their “established” home and put potential moving costs into making-over their ensuite. Adding to home value. Doing it with style and quality equally important. Cost difference from average to exceptional usually not that great.


Here are some Ensuite Make-over Design Options:

Granite and Marble: Most make-overs include this. Both are affordable now and add to the feel of quality and ambiance. Coordinating the overall house top to bottom with stone is important in the big picture.


Tile (Porcelain and Ceramic): Almost universal these days. Tile is comparable in cost to other finishes. It’s permanent and adds great value to your home. Easy to clean and almost indestructible. Style options? Your imagination


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