Bathroom Leaks, Water Damage & Mold

Bless precious water, but this wonderful resource is the curse of most homeowner problems.   Splash Leaks Most common is water pooling on the floor and can cause serious damage to flooring from curled linoleum or loose tiling to subfloor rotting. Caused by using ineffective shower curtain, or old and worn caulking where the shower…
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Redesigning your Bathroom: Expert Advice for a Modern and Functional Design

We get many customers calling us wishing to redesign their old ensuite bathrooms for better functionality and make it contemporary. New home builders often design bathrooms to dazzle buyers with flashy styles that aren’t practical and don’t age well.   Commonly that includes big box tubs that take up four feet of space from the…
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Kitchen Renovations: 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the centre of home life and where we spend much of our lives with our families and friends. Kitchens also have a life span. Style, wear and tear and design are the three most common reasons homeowners renovate kitchens.   STYLE Kitchen styles change each generation. Oak, popular 25 years ago, is being…
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Why Renovate? The Benefits of Home Renovations

Renovation is renewal. Homes wear out and styles change. Keeping your home in style keeps its value current and makes your home a pleasure to enjoy.   FLOORING RENOVATIONS Hardwood flooring once common is now laminates and vinyl planking. Carpeting is still a good budget choice and quality never better. Carpeting $5.00psf and up, Hardwood…
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