Bathroom Leaks, Water Damage & Mold

Bless precious water, but this wonderful resource is the curse of most homeowner problems.


Splash Leaks

Most common is water pooling on the floor and can cause serious damage to flooring from curled linoleum or loose tiling to subfloor rotting. Caused by using ineffective shower curtain, or old and worn caulking where the shower or tub meets the floor. But even bathrooms with glass shower doors can leak if the gasket is damaged. (New good quality shower curtain $50 – service calls to repair glass enclosures varies from $200 and up).


Bathtub/Shower Faucet Leaks

Older bathtub faucets can start leaking and are unrepairable. New designs will last a lifetime. Most can be replaced by a plumber with a newer unit. Older faucets may require complete renovation. ($200 for good new faucet plus plumber service).

Toilet Leaking From the Base

Invisible toilet base flange leaks will cause damage under tile or linoleum to the subfloor requiring major floor repair. Surface leaks may be condensation or leaking supply fitting relatively simple to fix. Left unfixed base leaks can require complete bathroom renovation.


Clogged drains


Your shower should not pool as you’re using it and your tub should form vortexes when draining properly. Clogged, slow draining can spill over the drain assembly and drip down below the subfloor and stain the ceiling below. ($150 plumber service call plus time and material to clear the drain)


Mold likes humidity, perfect in bathrooms, once it takes hold, very difficult to remove. Exhaust fans should be at least 80cfm to clear humidity in about 4 minutes in standard bathrooms. Poor ventilation is the major cause of mold and exhaust fans are a simple fix.


Most bathrooms are ready for sprucing up by about 20 years old from style and wear and tear. Moisture is addressed and repairs are made with every renovation to avoid many of the usual water-related issues.


Renovations add value and enjoyment. See our other articles all about renovations for your home.


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