Redesigning your Bathroom: Expert Advice for a Modern and Functional Design

We get many customers calling us wishing to redesign their old ensuite bathrooms for better functionality and make it contemporary. New home builders often design bathrooms to dazzle buyers with flashy styles that aren’t practical and don’t age well.


Commonly that includes big box tubs that take up four feet of space from the wall and stretches seven feet end to end and dominates the bathroom and nobody remembers the last time they actually used it. Showers, on the other hand, are too small, dark and dingy and cheaply made. Vanities with no drawers. Linoleum floors. Tiny old-fashioned toilets.


Bathrooms do wear out and add bad design is what spurs home-owners to call us.


This often involves removing all the extra unnecessary walls enclosing showers that make these so dark and uninviting. Redesigning can entail relocating the toilet, enlarging the shower, better vanity style and basically opening up the bathroom to make it modern and practical to use.


The old tub is replaced by a free-standing tub that occupies a fraction of the space and provides a feeling of space. The custom shower grows to a minimum of four or five feet wide, space permitting, with a bench and niche with a glass enclosure providing lots of light that didn’t exist before. We often place a puck light overhead for even more light.


Vanities come in all sizes by great manufacturers with granite or quartz countertops and undermounted sinks and lots of drawers.


Tile is used throughout the shower and bathroom floor with lots of options to add accent tiles.


The average home we renovate is fifteen years and older but some owners have terrible designs in homes just a few years old.


The sky is the limit on redesigning your old bathroom and we are there to help all the way. Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll go over budgets and other questions you may have.


Renovations add value and enjoyment. See our other articles all about renovations for your home.


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