The Difference Quality Renovation Makes

Considering renovating your bathroom? Practical issues such as replacing worn out fixtures, repairing leaks or just to spruce up the old tired room the job of deciding how to tackle it can seem overwhelming. It needn’t be so if a few basic principles are kept in mind.


Bathrooms are busy places in tough environments. High humidity and ever-present of water wreak havoc. People traffic and dozens of total visits make this room a high use place that takes a lot of beating.


The simple fact is that bathrooms wear out and go out of style. Updating improves functionality and style together. And need not cost a small fortune.


Styles change. Even the best maintained bathrooms lose their lustre. People like change. Style never stops. And it adds spice to everyday things in our lives. It doesn’t mean gold-plated – it just means good taste and an eye to quality and value.


Surprisingly quality does not have to be compromised regardless of budget. Basic to good quality might add just 15% to your budget.


A better quality faucet for a few dollars more can add longevity and nicer style for the next couple of decades.


Tile is long-lasting and talks quality to most people. Proper professional installation guarantees it will look new in twenty years. Poor installation will result in less than satisfactory installation and problems with leaking and deterioration far short of the life of the bathroom.


Vinyl planking is taking hold with new products from companies such as Armstrong. Long-lasting in modern styles. Vinyl flooring and tiled showers are a good match and getting more popular each season.


What about the vanity? Vanity styles abound in big-box stores such as Home Depot, Rona and Lowes plus many others. Excellent quality construction and materials. No need to go custom. Most of our installations at BathandHome Renovations use standard off-the-shelf vanities with super results and happy customers.


Granite is wonderful and will creep up your price a bit. It adds pizazz like nothing else. But other products such as porcelain tops with built-in sinks combo sets with vanities are excellent alternatives and popular and comprise 50% of our installations. Even Martha Stewart has a fine selection we’ve installed in many homes – she does have good taste.


With well-chosen product and quality considerations new bathrooms add the same value and more to your home.


The Principles to a nice bathroom is using common sense with styles you’re comfortable with to make it your own special place. And we’re happy to share our ideas and experience with you.


At BathandHome Renovations we build good bathrooms. Call us for a FREE QUOTE at 403-560-8015. We’ll usually be out within 24 hours.

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