Kitchen Renovations: 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the centre of home life and where we spend much of our lives with our families and friends. Kitchens also have a life span. Style, wear and tear and design are the three most common reasons homeowners renovate kitchens.   STYLE Kitchen styles change each generation. Oak, popular 25 years ago, is being…
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Why Renovate? The Benefits of Home Renovations

Renovation is renewal. Homes wear out and styles change. Keeping your home in style keeps its value current and makes your home a pleasure to enjoy.   FLOORING RENOVATIONS Hardwood flooring once common is now laminates and vinyl planking. Carpeting is still a good budget choice and quality never better. Carpeting $5.00psf and up, Hardwood…
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Garage ABCs

We’ve had a recent spur of recent garage enquiries and we’re booked out to Spring 2023 so I thought I’d do a quick ABCs of garages.   Most garage enquiries are for laneways for newer homes that have the space but no garage. The other is for outside Calgary areas – Springbank for example –…
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What is Rectified Tile?

Rectified tile is fired tile – ceramic or porcelain - that has been mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. Like slicing bread after it’s baked – not before. It applies only to the tile edges which are precisely cut at a square 90 degree angle. Rectification is not considered better - just allowing…
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