What is Rectified Tile?

Rectified tile is fired tile – ceramic or porcelain - that has been mechanically cut or ground down to an exact size. Like slicing bread after it’s baked – not before.

It applies only to the tile edges which are precisely cut at a square 90 degree angle.

Rectification is not considered better - just allowing for precise narrow grout lines.

Where to Find Rectified Tile

All major manufacturers carry rectified tile – check the specs. By default mosaic tiles are rectified since they are cut.

Rectification Controls Tile Shrinkage

With heat, tile first expands then contracts as it cools and are subject to size variability and will have slight dimensional differences that may affect how precisely the tiles are laid out.

Rectified Tiles Pros and Cons


  • Trim and neat when expertly laid.
  • Smaller and fewer grout lines.


  • Usually more expensive
  • Can be more difficult to set because grout joints are smaller.
  • Edge chips can be more noticeable since edges are so precise.

Reasons to Buy Rectified Tile

Main reason is minimal grout joints. This gives you a clean, precise grout line.

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